Natural Barrier Granules Dogs and Cats

General Information and composition

Ready to use granules.
Based on natural essences oils, safely for people, animals and environment.
Micro porous granules and natural essences oil with an olfactory barrier against dogs and cats.


Granules with active natural essence oils due to their light and pleasant scent in brief time break the bad habits of cats and dogs, such as sleeping, scratching, biting or soiled with urine and stool, chairs, blankets, carpets, furniture, houses, terraces, gates, etc..
Ideal for home and community use, for an internal and external use
The product does not contain pheromones and toxic substances

Preparation of the area

Clean the garden or the area to treat and remove all the droppings. Wash with spay water to eliminate any urine in order to ensure an higher effectiveness of the product.


For outside and inside areas spread the granules around the area to protect by creating a cordon of approx. 1 cm or sprinkle the granules in a rate of 50 grams per m2.
In order to achieve the desired effect may be appropriate to assist the treatment with other products of the line in order to enhance the smell emanated from the natural essences and wean the cats and dogs from the bad habits in a short time (e.g. spraying the liquid or sprinkling the gel around the area to treat)

Note of application

The granules resist to sunlight and moisture. Abundant rainfall or irrigation could reduce the effectiveness of the product; if necessary repeat the treatment.  


Few applications may be sufficient for new site while for areas already frequented by dogs and cats or attended by a wide number of animals run multiple applications spaced from each other by 5/6 days.
In the presence of stray cats or cats and dogs accustomed to multiple smells, the effect of the product may be achieved in a longer time.
Being a natural product that contains no chemicals and hazardous waste, the desired effect may be achieved progressively. The gradual detachment of the animal from the area of application of the product is a sign of efficacy and repeated applications will obtain the desired effect.


Indoors: approx. 20 days
Outdoors: approx. 20 days
Abundant rainfall or irrigation could reduce the effectiveness of the product; if necessary repeat the treatment.  


Do not ingest or inhale directly.
In the event of contact with mucous membranes, flush thoroughly with water.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep product in a cool and ventilated place, away from food heat and flames.