A major integrated natural company

The nature has always been a source of inspiration for people and we firmly believe that a return to it can only be an enlightened leap to a better future and certainly not a return to the past.

Today the tools and modern testing methods allow to fully understand the incredible power and effectiveness of natural substances. Armed with this belief, and thanks to advanced methods of assessment, since 2008, our team has created a real division dedicated to the study and development of deterrents to insects and animals, based exclusively on fully derived natural substances. The architecture of the formulas is cleverly made and calibrated so as to provide for the use of a high number of different oils and natural essences for the development of each individual product, combined and graded so that they are highly effective also, and above all, at low dosages.

We thus obtain results so far difficult to reach even for those who use biocides for the formulation of its products.

We have copied nature, involving them in our project, making best use of the most effective and useful could give us, in the absolute certainty that this represents an opportunity to reinvent our approach to our world, integrating environmental protection, health and quality of life.



IUMA produces and markets in Italy and abroad innovative Base Natural solutions developed to defense from insects and pests. We study and realize our products in full respect of the environment, nature, human health and animal welfare.

Our product lines are the result of years of research and experimentation focused, always, to obtain the most effective products but with absolute respect for the health of all the elements involved.

This is an important and innovative way: give the opportunity for everyone to get the best results with the confidence to use not poisonous products and therefore not harmful and polluting.

Ours is a real mission: a firm and iron will to instill a culture more healthy, responsible and informed as many people as possible.

Our "Must"

• Make a Natural line of high quality that reflects its values, the new spirit of our time

• With BioBLU, we want to spread the natural products and export on a large scale the values and high standards of performance. To do this, we have studied and discovered the effectiveness unusual mix of ingredients

• BioBLU reconcile environmental protection, efficiency and love of nature. Our ambition and challenge was to become a new landmark and starting in the world of deterrence: we're thrilled to be fully successful

• We have taken up the challenge to reduce the environmental impact of our entire supply chain. We were motivated primarily by a desire to protect the environment and the future of our planet.

• We want to help every single person in choosing the best products to safeguard their well-being and their moments of life